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Gass Replacement
and Repair

Yorkshire's Premier Choice for Crystal-Clear
Glass Replacement and Repair Solutions.

Yorkshire Glazing

Yorkshire Glazing, Windows and Door Installation offer a wide range of glass replacement services across Yorkshire, including:

  • Float / Annealed Glass
  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Energy Saving Glass
  • Technical Glass
  • Fire Resistant Glass
  • Wired Glass

Trust Yorkshire Glazing for cutting-edge glass replacement services, combining quality and innovation for a brighter, safer future.

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Yorkshire Glass Options

  • Float/Annealed Glass:
    • High-quality transparent glass manufactured by floating molten glass on a ‘tin bath’ at high temperatures.
    • Starting point for all glass manufacturing, enabling versatile processing.
  • Patterned and Textured Obscure Glass:
    • Patterns printed during Float/Annealed Glass manufacturing process.
  • Toughened Glass:
    • Achieved by heating annealed glass, rapidly cooled for safety.
    • Fractures into small, safe pieces.
    • Must undergo all processes before toughening.
  • Laminated Glass:
    • Composite high-performance glass with PVB sandwiched between two panels.
    • Ideal for ensuring resistance post-breakage, suitable for various applications.
  • Low-E Energy Saving Glass:
    • Designed to insulate by reflecting heat back into the room.
    • Options: Hard Coat and Soft Coat for enhanced thermal insulation.
    • Reduces condensation, maintains clarity.
  • Self-Cleaning, Low Maintenance Glass:
    • Transparent coating harnesses sun and rain to remove dirt efficiently.
    • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas, promoting longevity.
  • Fire Resistant Glass:
    • Metallic coating for 30, 60, or 90-minute resistance.
    • Laminated for 120-minute resistance with expanded PVU inter-layers during a fire.
  • Anti-Bandit Glass:
    • Composed of multiple glass layers and PVU inter-layers for enhanced strength.
    • Thickness determines overall strength.
  • Wired Glass:
    • Clear or textured glass with a metal lattice, providing fire resistance.
    • Versatile applications, including doors, windows, and partitions.

Enhance your spaces with Yorkshire’s premier glass solutions. Quality, safety, and versatility in every pane.


Float/Annealed Glass is a high-quality, transparent flat glass produced by floating molten glass on a ‘tin bath’ at a high temperature. It serves as the foundation for manufacturing other glass types due to its versatility.

During the manufacturing process of Float/Annealed Glass, patterns are printed directly onto the glass, creating the distinctive patterns and textures.

Toughened Glass is created by heating annealed glass and rapidly cooling it. When broken, it fractures into small, safe pieces without sharp edges, making it a safety-focused choice.

Attempting to modify Toughened Glass after toughening can cause it to shatter, emphasising the importance of completing all processes beforehand.

These markings ensure compliance with safety standards, indicating whether the glass is laminated or toughened, along with the supplier’s registration number.

Laminated Glass is created by sandwiching two glass panels with PVB. It is suitable for areas requiring post-breakage resistance, such as shop-fronts, balconies, stair-railings, and roof glazing.

Yes, Laminated Glass can have electricity passed between panes, enabling functions like activating alarms, heating the glass, and switching between clear and opaque states.

Low-E Energy Saving Glass reflects heat back into the room, reducing heat loss. Hard Coat and Soft Coat options offer similar benefits, but Soft Coat provides better thermal insulation and reduces the likelihood of condensation.

A transparent coating on the glass utilises sun and rain to efficiently remove dirt and grime, ensuring easier cleaning and longer-lasting cleanliness.

The metallic coating on Fire Resistant Glass provides 30, 60, or 90-minute resistance. When laminated, it can achieve 120-minute resistance as PVU inter-layers expand during a fire to form an opaque barrier.

Anti-Bandit Glass is composed of multiple glass layers and PVU inter-layers. Thicker overall thickness enhances its strength, making it a robust security solution.

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